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About us - South East Asia Dreams

South East Asia Dreams is a small, online boutique travel agency specialized in customizing holiday packages within Southeast Asia.  Our goal and commitment to our valued guests and their holiday dreams means that you will have one of us by your side, looking after your interests, from the moment you contact us. From the time the planning process begins until you return home safe from your dream holiday!

Enjoy your holiday with South East Asia Dreams

Our Philosophy

                                  … is a very simple one: We always try to be at least one step ahead!
We know that keeping on top of the travel scene in South East Asia requires hard work and dedication. We continuously strive to provide our guests with the best in customer satisfaction…. we love to see happy faces around us!

We also know that our guests have worked hard to fulfill their dream of an exotic holiday in South East Asia - so we work twice as hard to make your dream come true! We love our countries, traveling and exploring the nature here which is our home. This perfect combination of business and fun makes our life in South East Asia very enjoyable.

Reasons why people book with us

Ever since the company was established in 1986, formerly South East Asia Divers, we have concentrated our efforts in producing quality scuba diving experience around Phuket Island in Thailand.  Quickly we discovered that our guests became members of our big family and requested our advice when it came to plan their next trip.   That was the time when we decided to expand our activities and South East Asia Dreams was born.

South East Asia Dreams works exclusively together with well-known and long-established partners & operators. Quality at a reasonable price, responsible management and a huge selection of options guarantees you an unforgettable holiday / vacation

Our wide range of programs gives you the option to plan your individual holiday to exactly meet your needs. From Asia’s world class destinations to amazing remote areas rarely to be disturbed by the modern world, we are more than happy to help you with your holiday planning.

Our innovative working techniques and cooperation with our selected partners ensures that you get best value for money.

We love and life in Asia and have a passion showing Southeast Asia to our guests and friends through our eyes. It is our goal to provide our guests with a vacation exceeding their expectations. We are full of ideas - we want to share these ideas with you, so that you can have the holidays that you always dreamed of.

We welcome you into our circle of friends and guests and are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

The extend of our experience will guarantee you a fantastic holiday


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Head Office:

Albachstrasse 11
54634 Bitburg / Germany

Contact in Thailand:

Mobile: +66 (0) 81 958 33 10